The Bytown Dragon Boat Club is one of the largest and most successful, competitive clubs in Canada and internationally.  We are a team of competitive paddlers who  train year-round. We have a passion for the sport, love to train and race, support each other and strive for excellence.

Our current crews are: U24; Premier Women; Senior A Women; Senior B Mixed; Senior C Women divisions.

The BDBC is committed to developing elite paddlers. We  have year-round training programs under the supervision of our coaches. We enjoy the competitiveness of the sport, the teamwork, and friendships formed. We compete locally, provincially, and internationally. Paddlers must be Dragon Boat Canada (DBC) members to compete at Nationals and the World Championships.

In 2014, the Senior A crew qualified and paddled at the Crew Club World Championships (CCWC) in Ravenna, Italy


Bytown Dragon Boat Club (BDBC) was established in 2016




The Sportchicks women's crew originated in 2011 and became a competitive team in 2012.

In 2016, the Senior B Women and Senior B Mixed crews qualified and competed at the CCWC in Adelaide, Australia. Senior B women won a lot of gold medals.

In 2018, seven crews competed at the CCWC in Szeged, Hungary: Premier Women, Senior A Women, Senior B Women, Senior B Mixed, Senior B Open, Senior C Women, Senior C Mixed, and Senior C Open Small Boat (10 paddlers).


Three crews qualified and set out to compete at the CCWC in France.