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Bytown Evolution

Gel with a crew of 22 fitness-focused paddlers that aim to improve and faster every practice from mid-May to mid-August


Bytown Dragon Boat Club sponsors this competitive kick-start program

In 2022, Bytown Dragon Boat Club created a new concept crew: Bytown Evolution.  Evolution provides a competitive dragon boat experience to novice and recreational dragon boat paddlers, athletes interested in transitioning from other sports, and competitive paddlers looking for a lower commitment level. Our coaches provide training opportunities both on and off the water that focus on paddling technique, endurance, race plans & strategies, paddling specific warm-ups, fitness testing and dragon boat community development and ultimately racing experiences.


The success and popularity of Bytown Evolution has prompted two levels of experiences for the 2024 competitive season: Evo Essentials and EvoPlus.

Evo Essentials or EvoPlus?

Evo Essentials

  • Designed for recreational paddlers already paddling with other crews or paddlers looking for a lower commitment level.

  • Practices on Tuesdays at 7PM, May 28 - August ​13th

  • Racing together at one end-of-season festival: RCC Festival August 17th


  • Racing focus: CanAmerican Club Crew Championships at the end of July

  • Open to Men of all experience levels and Women with previous experience, either with Evolution, other competitive crews, or a strong sport background.

  • 2 - 3 practices per week, May 15 - August 17th

    • EvoPlus Practices Wednesday 7AM & Thursday 7PM

    • Paddlers will also join a competitive crew practice on either Tuesday mornings or Wednesday evenings.

  • 3 Festivals: Lachine Knockout June 8, CanAms July 25-28, RCC Festival Aug 17​


$200 EvoEssentials / $400 EvoPlus

These are all-inclusive seasonal cost, includes:

  • Coaching and practices

  • Entry and racing at dragon boat festivals / competitions

  • Bytown Dragon Boat Club Membership


Note: Participants will also need to register as Dragon Boat Canada members (~$30) to compete


​Fill out our Join A Crew Form and we will send you registration instructions.

Competitive Crews​

Our competitive crews compete at the highest levels of their divisional racing


Our crews are currently training for the Can-Am Championships in July 2024.. Most of our crews qualified for and will race at Club Crew World Championships in Ravenna, Italy in September 2024


Interested paddlers will be contacted by our team captains and assessed by our crew coaches prior to being placed on a team.


Experienced paddlers or competitive individuals in the following divisions:

  • Carleton Ravens U24: ages 18-24​

  • Sportchicks Senior A Women (ages 39+)

  • Sportchicks Senior B Women (ages 49+)

  • Super C Senior C Women (ages 59+)

  • Senior C Open / Men (ages 59+)

  • Senior D Mixed (ages 69+)

  • Para Crew

What's involved:

​3-4 practices per week plus off-water training

Racing at 4+ festivals in Ottawa, Montreal, and abroad

Winter training: fitness training, pool paddling

Regular assessments​​​​ 


Varies by crew according to the crew's practice choices and festivals. Travel is expected.


Fill in our "Join a Crew" form and tell us about your previous experience.

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